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Spring Blossoms

The most beautiful flowers I have ever heard!


Normally, I cannot cope with intriguers or intrigues, but this tune was so enchanting, I had to make an exception. I adopted this intriguing, mysterious composition and haven't regretted my decision.
A very good 3-pager practice piece on easy/intermediate level!

Ulterior Motive

A firewort in classical style! Don't worry about the title - some irritations with people around you might occur, but you can avoid these if you manage to play it without the score;-) The audience will give you a big applause. This marvellous piece is definitely worth learning it!


I love this piece! It's a very emotional, just a little bit mysterious, mellow piece with a middle part that spreads optimism. It' s not hard to learn, but you should have practised to play in different keys first. I purchased it together with the faster piece "Ulterior Motive" in classical style which is a good completion for all pianists who like playing in both styles.

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Ulterior Motive
Isabelle Padieu
Sans arrière-pensée

Without any ulterior motive I will write here all the good things I feel and think about this piece. It is lively, very interesting to learn, enjoyable to play and so satisfying when you finally master it ! And if you have an audience people will love the tune and start singing it along and remember it ! It will make them very happy and proud to know such good music ! Thank you for composing such positive and optimistic music it's good for keeping our spirits up <3

A Little Intrigue
Nicholas Henderson
Simple and fun to play

Simple and good for practice as David described it.

The Art Of Piano Book
Doug Robinson
Exciting Impressionist!

I have been playing piano for over 50 years and now teach privately. One of my students asked me to get them David Hicken Piano music... After listening to some great keyboard interpretations I purchased the Art of Piano Book.. many great arrangements and will be challenging for some but a great goal to reach for others.Look to working through each srrangment with my students! Great take!
Doug Robinson-Musical Impressions

The Art Of Piano Book
RT from Texas
The Art of Piano

I’m very pleased with the purchase. The download of the ebook was possible immediately. The piano music sheets are for late intermediate and advanced. Each piece has tempo and fingering suggested. The music sheets are legible, well spaced on each page.
I highly recommend the book! Thank you!

A Little Intrigue
Thomas Cuthbert
Excellent Expansion!

I purchased A Little Intrigue shortly after it was released; it was a fun little piece to play. David recently expanded it from one page to three (and sent those who had purchased it already the update) and it really added to the piece. I still play both, but think I am settling on the expanded version as the 'permanent' one. Definitely worth the purchase.

A nostalgic journey through time

The ruins of Fountains Abbey remind us of the transience of all things, and this beautiful piece expresses this nostalgic and mysterious mood very well. I can highly recommend it.


I'm glad having made this discovery! It's a beautiful mellow piece.

Gwen Alexander
Can't Wait to Learn This One!

I heard this piece while I was listening to music on my streaming service. I ended up listening to all the songs on The Art of the Piano album. Then I bought the Piano songbook! I listen to this when I walk and it always gets me moving faster.

Maria Apelo Cruz
Delightful arrangement - wonderful!!!


Mission Impossible Theme
Nathalie Fortier
Mission Impossible

Great piece, easy to play!

Nice Arrangement

This will be a great piece to pull out of my back pocket when someone asks me to play something on the piano. Glad I found this arrangement. Thanks!

Waltz in D Minor
Maria Apelo Cruz

Easy to print out and play - absolutely beautiful arrangement!

Cathy Bujold
Heaven On Earth

I just wrote a review saying that "I Love You" is my favorite David Hicken piece of the week. But the piece I come back to over and over, which I suppose makes it my favorite piece of all time, is "Paradisum". I played it recently in worship and got a lot of positive feedback. This piece flows so well, with so many interesting phrases, and it is a joy to play.

I Love You
Cathy Bujold
Beautiful Piece

I am a professional church musician and have played many of David Hicken's piano pieces in worship. "I Love You" is currently my favorite piece and I'll be playing it this coming Sunday. Every time I play a David Hicken piece, I get many compliments. His music is so relatable and it transports people when they listen to it.

Canon in D meets Ode to Joy

A very thoughtful arrangement done by a person who truly understands pianists! It is a joy to play!

A Little Intrigue
Nicolas Aubinet

Very nice composition, love this one minute format. Will buy the others as well.

An intriguing one minute masterpiece

In one minute this intriguing composition envelopes you in a mysterious aura. The fact that it is one minute long as well as being an easy to intermediate piece is great.

A sweet sounding melody!

I am so glad that David has started writing one page scores. Spring Blossoms is such a sweet sounding melody that it is a delight to learn and play.

Sandra Dundjerski
High Quality Sheet Music

I am satisfied with the sheet music! Wonderful music, I enjoy playing it. I play this piece on contemporary ballet class.The dancers are enjoying to dance with this music, we created a wonderful choreography! Thank you so much for the great talent you share with us!

Nimrod (The Enigma Variations) - great arrangement!

A really beautiful piano arrangement of Elgar's "Nimrod". David's left-hand accompaniment nicely compensates for the inevitable loss of flow compared to an orchestral or choral rendition, while at the same time preserving the character of the original piece..


This must be heaven! A peaceful and soothing peace.