Père Lachaise

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From the book Sagas

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The pieces in ‘Sagas’ tell a story.  Our heroine’s name is Indira, and after meeting and dancing with her at a ball, it turns out that her father is a duke.  Of course, he does not approve of her having a relationship with a mere commoner.  There is disappointment as she has to leave - her carriage waiting outside.

She lives at Talagrois, so receiving a letter from her is cause for great excitement.  However, without her father’s consent, it seems that the only hope is to run away together, hence - elopement.  But, as if often the case, “best laid plans of mice and men are bound to go astray”.

Perhaps the only thing to do is to try to persuade the Duke somehow - hence, Persuasion.

‘Isolation’ and ‘For Those We Have Lost’ are applicable to both of the characters in the story, as well as to our present day times with COVID.

‘Unrest’ is everywhere, and the characters in this story were surrounded by unhappy people who loved to complain, just as we are today.

Finally, the resting place of so many wonderful and famous figures - Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris.  But which of our characters ended up there?  Sorry, but I cannot tell you - yet!