Canon In D Meets Ode To Joy

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From the book Portrait Of A Pianist

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‘Portrait of a Pianist’ was the next album after ‘The Art of Piano’, and I decided to mix things up a little bit.  I included softer, gentler pieces (which I enjoy writing just as much as the faster, more furious ones), and mixed them together with pieces that had a similar style to the previous album.  I felt that this album had a good balance between fast and slow, loud and soft pieces.  I chose the title of the album because the music it contained represented me as a pianist, covering both styles of music for which I’m known, and also, the pieces represent various stages and experiences in my life.

I should point out that although ‘Stories of You’ was released immediately after ‘The Art of Piano’, the music was written and recorded a year or two earlier, so ‘Portrait of a Pianist’ is the true successor to ‘The Art of Piano’