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The Bell Carol
Irina Melnik

The Bell Carol

Beautiful piece

Relaxing, beautiful piece both when played and listened to.

Away In A Manger
Helen Sjostedt
Away in A Manger

I am thoroughly enjoying learning to play this beautiful arrangement of Away in A Manger and I hope to have it somewhat ready to play for my family at Christmas!

Sounds of Christmas Book
Marcelo Eduardo Ventura Herrera
Sound of Christmas

Excelent book, nice song really beatifull, I truly recomend for any intermediate-advance pianist

A lucky find

A terrific arrangement with a professional and "full" sound. Yet not overwhelmingly difficult. Perfect for an intermediate level pianist like myself. A beautiful carol which I don't think too many people are aware of. Thank you.

Best Christmas Album ever!

I was so happy to find this. The arrangements are easy enough to sight read and within a few playings actually have a lovely sounding piece for Christmas! Well, all except the Carol of the Bells, which is brilliant but may take a few more than a few playings to accomplish... but, well worth it!!
Its a great book of very festive and nostalgic songs.
Christmas in Tettenhall is one of my very favorites. You will enjoy this!!

Love this

I have loved this piece of music since I was a teenager. Now, at 54, I have found a perfect arrangement for solo piano - as I have yet to find a backup orchestra just hanging around waiting for me!:)
And what a delight! This piece takes Bach and creates a more approachable feel, yet maintaining all of the things that make it brilliantly Bach! Thank you David!!

Yay! Solo piano!!

I am beyond thrilled to have this piece available for solo piano! And it does not disappoint! Fairly simple to learn, yet without seeming overly simplistic, this arrangement is absolutely perfect.

A delight!

This piece is perfect. It weaves the two pieces together in a very sophisticated (not cheesy like combination pieces can sometimes be!) and beautiful way. It is not too difficult, and so is a great piece to be able to learn and play during a single holiday season :)
Highly recommend!


This piece of music actually took me from sad, to peaceful. Playing it is a bit like gazing into a campfire. It somehow moves one to a different space. I am so grateful for this piece!

brilliant, beautiful

You will be so happy to have purchased this magnificent piece of music! As ever, David has given us yet another piece that is thoroughly delightful to play. Reminiscent of Bach, approachable, and very worth the effort to learn! I highly recommend!

Easy to read; lovely edition!

Thank you for making this wonderful edition of Bach's Harpsichord Concerto! It's worth paying extra for this one instead if the often hard to read, free editions from IMSLP. I'm looking forward to learning this piece soon!

O Come All Ye Faithful
Adrianne Miller

Great Piece!

Canon in D Brings Joy!

I’m really enjoying this arrangement because you’ve given the left hand more attention than most arrangers do. I’ve discovered this in most of your arrangements, you’ve composed intricate patterns, and in others, you avoid repetitive sequences that I’m commonly used to seeing in the left hand. This arrangement is innovative, refreshing, and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing it and for publishing You Tube videos, so I can watch and listen to your interpretation of it as the composer. I look forward to discovering more of your compositions in the future!

For Unto Us a Child Is Born

The Bell Carol
Αννα Ζαμπετάκη
The bell carol


A short glimpse into lady Windermere's world

Such an amazing, powerful piece...In my opinion, the piece expresses a gradual anger through a colourful melody. Every music bar that I practice introduces me to Lady Windermere's chaotic psychic world. Even though she isn't an existing person, this piece brings her to life and it seems she is narrating her story to us, while she's plotting her revenge. Mr Hicken achieved all these on one single piece, and that's magnificent.

Endlich ein Weihnachtsbuch in besonderer Art

Ich freue mich sehr, bekannte und unbekannte Weihnachtsstücke auf dem Klavier spielen zu können, die sehr schön klingen. Danke

Monica Carvalho
A Wonderful Musical Composition

This song is really beautiful! It touches the soul! Congratulations one more time, David Hicken!

A Christmas Suite
LECONTE olivier

Enjoyed the arrangements of 'Unto us a child is born' and 'Christmas Suite'. Top-notch !

Love the arrangements

Been looking for some nice piano Christmas arrangements, and I love these!

The First Nowell
Summer Carson
The First Nowell

Great music & very well written! David Hicken is an excellent contemporary pianist, with a classical touch. I love his music. Though some of his pieces are a bit challenging for me to play and require more practice than others, this was elegantly simple. I was needing a quick, but beautiful Christmas song to play in church next week, & it perfectly hit the spot.

The Bell Carol
Lawrie Weinreich
The Bell Carol

The music is very well written and is accurate to what David Hicken performed in theYouTube video. I am very pleased with the purchase.

A good deal

David Hicken is a responsible, generous, and honest man. I like the collection he compiled.

The Bell Carol
Absolutely love this piece

I love this piece very much and can’t wait to fully master this piece. This is personally the best arrangement of Carol of the Bells.