Chiang Mai Rhapsody Performance Pack

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This performance pack contains 9 files in both WAV and MP3 format consisting of the following:

Complete recording with piano and orchestra
Piano part alone
Piano duet
Orchestra alone with count in - slow and normal speeds
Orchestra alone with click throughout - slow and normal speeds
Orchestra alone without click - slow and normal speeds
'Read Me' PDF instructions

    Normal speed recorded at 126 beats per minute

    Slow speed recorded at 100 beats per minute

    Wav files encoded at 44.1kHz 16 bit

    MP3 files encoded at 192kHz

    Sheet Music for Chiang Mai Rhapsody Part 1

    Sheet Music for Chiang Mai Rhapsody Part 2

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Very good!!!

    Hi, David,
    Congratulations on your composition
    Chiang Mai Rhapsody. Unfortunately, still for work and family, I didn't have time to start studying it. However, I also like it very much with orchestral files. I don't know if it will be possible to purchase the orchestra files separately in the future. I always follow you. Greetings from the province of Florence. PS: Will you come to Tuscany for a concert?

    Cannot get enough of this Rhapsody

    Back in October (2021), I purchased the Performance Pack as I wanted to listen to all the versions of this magnificent Rhapsody. I still listen to this pack every night and even have the piano duet as the ringtone in my phone. Way too good!

    Jeronimo Guzman
    Powerful !!

    What an amazing piece !
    I’ve been learning it for 6 months
    And almost done
    Playing it with the orchestra is challenging but satisfying !!

    Stuart Hodge
    A great new way of practicing !

    A great opportunity to play alongside one of the masters. Love the idea of playing a duet and practicing with a professional track . It would be great to get another track for ‘ The Letter ‘ . Thanks and look forward to the next one