Secrets To Better Composing & Improvising

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If you have ever had an urge to write music, then this book is for you.

Written for beginners as well as accomplished musicians, it contains everything you need to get started.

Learn how to set yourself up as a composer and create a perfect working environment.

Learn why the study of music harmony, counterpoint and orchestration is essential for all composers.

Master the use of contrasting elements in your compositions to make sure that your music holds an audience's interest.

Learn to write better melodies as well as how to harmonize them properly.  Explore the differences between improvisation and composition, and why an improvisation should never be considered a finished work.  Learn how to develop your ideas using the same techniques that were used for centuries by the great composers.

Read about why anyone can compose if they are shown how, and that it is not an art reserved exclusively for people who hear music in their head.

Learn about the importance of form and structure in a composition, and why meandering music is often the first to fail.  Read all about intervals, chords, harmonic progression and voice leading.

Learn why it is better to use music notation software instead of a sequencer, and master the importance of proper meter, balanced timbre and appropriate tempo.

Learn how to identify when a melody is too long or too short and how to change it appropriately, and read all about the importance of Modulation, Movement and Tonality.

The book also includes exercises to help you master the most important chords and chord progressions. 



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