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From the book Goddess

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I wrote the album ‘Goddess’ in just a couple of weeks while living in Hawaii.  My studio overlooked the ocean, and was located in a little town called Haleiwa on the north shore of Oahu, which is very popular with surfers during the winter.

Every morning I went for a walk on the beach, and then returned home to work on one composition.  I liked the idea of a ‘theme’ for the music, and decided to name each piece after a particular Goddess in history or folklore.  I felt at ease, and the music pretty much wrote itself.  I didn’t try to conform to what I thought a certain Goddess should sound like, but instead simply wrote what came to me.

The album became very popular with massage therapists, who commented that their clients really felt at peace when listening to the music.  It has also been used with cancer patients while undergoing treatment, and I’m told that it brought them great comfort.  However, most of the comments I received about the album were from parents telling me that their babies and infants fell asleep immediately when listening, and it was the only way they had found to get their kids off to sleep.