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From the book The Art Of Piano

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‘The Art of Piano’ began with ‘The Rhapsodist’ - a piece which moved my music in a different direction, and was a composition that I was very excited about.  I didn’t want to rush the piece, and sat on it for quite a while.  During the same period of time, I began ‘Incantation’ and then used the style of that piece in ‘The Bell Carol’.

After the success of ‘The Bell Carol’ video, I decided to create a new album of exciting and fast pieces as a complete contrast to the slower pieces of my previous three albums.

I finished ‘Incantation’ first, and then released it right away on YouTube.  The response was fantastic, so I finished off ‘The Rhapsodist’ as well as ‘The Letter’ and put those out, and again the response was very favourable.

During this time, I switched from a Steinway piano to a Shigeru Kawai, and then became a Shigeru Kawai Artist.  I also relocated 2500 miles away which delayed composing and recording the rest of the pieces.  ‘Camille’ was composed in a small trailer while I was waiting for a new home to be completed.

The creation of this album helped to form a template which I still follow today.  After each piece is written, recorded and filmed, I release it on YouTube, and once I have a total of twelve pieces, I release an album for the streaming platforms.

‘The Art of Piano’ is an album which I thoroughly enjoyed creating, and one which I’m very proud of.  Whenever I perform live, I always include a number of pieces from this album.