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Goddess Sheet Music Book
Claudia Nadalin

Merci bcp pour ces magnifiques compositions. C'est un vrai plaisir de les jouer

Aspiration to pratice much more

This album/book is a perfect example of a neo-classic genre. Actually it made me excercise much more, because I wasn't able to play nothing of that at once. It took me weeks before I could play some, and that's great! It means that it's not just an entertainment or something "just for fun", it's a goal you want to achieve very much. The pieces sound so great that you don't notice hours pf practice passing. My favourites are Resurgam, The Letter, Incantaion. Though each of them is awesome.

The Letter
The Letter

That's my favourite piece! So flowing, so powerfull, it tells some story! Though, of course, you need to practice a lot to play it well :) I wish it would be possible to get an orchestra performance pack for it just like it was with Chiang Mai Rhapsody. It would be really perfect.

Incantation 3.0
Nika & Juri

A wonderful variant of the Incantation series. Feels like floating on the clouds.

Incantation 4.0
Nika & Juri
Amazing composition and performance.

Great to hear more variations of a masterpiece, thank you!

David you are a genius!!!

Awesom, absolutely brilliant.. I've waited so long for the organ version. Thank you very much!!

Nika & Juri
Brilliant! David you are a genius!!!

Fantastic. Once again a Masterpiece. Amazing composition and performance. You are the best contemporary composer!

Alicen’s Nocturne

I recently purchased Alicen’s Nocturne after I’ve been wanting to do so for quite a long time. It has a peaceful melody that is soothing to listen to. Even though I would say it’s relatively an easy piece it’s quite some work for the left hand, in my opinion.
I haven’t gone through it meticulously, only played it through roughly once. I realized that although I consider the piece ”easy” it will help me with both left hand independance and my note reading skills cause it’s not extremely hard.

Would definitely recommend the piece if you want a piece with great melody, work on your hand independance and improve your note reading skills without getting too much of a headache ;)

Want much more

Can't get enough of this music

Christopher C
Great song, easy to play

Did not take long to pick it up, but it's a beautiful piece.

The Bell Carol 2.0
Daniel Dönni




A gripping historical moment

This piece is so emotional .Beecause it happened 400 years ago , it is more layered than you would have thought at first.
The music is there for us to imagine what it was for the English nation overriding the French.Outstanding registration for the organ version David .A wonderful piano piece for a concert in a gig with a big hall and echoes.Perfect for retired pianists and teachers.

This song was played on the organ at my wedding. Thanks for the notation!

Agincourt MP3 Audio
Jules Green
Agincourt MP3 audio

I was eagerly looking forwards to hearing this new gem from David Hicken, and was not disappointed! Wonderfully executed organ music, a real delight to my ears.

Intense and astounding!

I can’t praise David enough. Whether piano or organ, David is a genius and he has proven it once again with AGINCOURT. In fact I bought the WAV track before the video release as I knew it was going to be phenomenal. After all it is written and performed by the one and only David Hicken! Suffice to say that David is the King pIaying the King of Instruments!

My Sojourn
Jayne Heath
My Sojourn

Such a beautiful piece. My Sojourn was played by a teenage boy in my spring recital. The expressive and beautiful melody was a perfect match for an outstanding performance.

Excellent - easy to read and download

Great book, I love the accuracy between recording and written. Easily uploaded to forScore on iPad! Great value.

Now We Are Free (Gladiator)
Giacchino Zimmardi

Now We Are Free (Gladiator)

Incantation 4.0
Anja Umlauf

Incantation 4.0

Secrets to Better Piano Playing

After retiring after my 70th birthday, I decided to go back to the piano after a 35+ year ‘break’. I knew this would be a challenge but I forced myself to go back to the basic. Scales, exercises, breaking pieces down to relearn them. Then I came across David’s book “Secrets to Better Piano Playing” after watching a number of his YouTube videos. He absolutely nails it for developing a proper practice regimen. His book gave me some much needed direction and allowed me to refocus on the music and not just punching keys. I’ve got a long way to go but his book has helped me focus on what I need to do. Patience is the key.

Jason Lee
Subtly sweet

Music that grows on you...melodiously mesmerizing.


Waltz in D Minor