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Alicen's Nocturne

Reinvention MP3
Ray Beswick
My kind of music

Reinvention is one of six beautiful mp3 Albums by David Hicken that I have bought.
The other albums I have are Angels, Faeries, Goddess, Sagas, and Stories of you. I chose these albums because I prefer David’s slower, softer and more delicate compositions. I bought Reinvention however knowing that there were a few faster, more dramatic pieces, but having reviewed the videos of David playing these on his website, I decided they were too good to miss. The majority of the tracks though on these six albums are my preferred kind of music, which I can only describe as beautiful, and I look forward to more of the same from David.

The Art Of Piano Book
Willene Botha
The Art of Piano Book by David Hicken

A variety of beautiful pieces to play and later teach to future pianists in SA and the UK.I also share the pieces with friends and colleagues as it is futuristic and post modern.

Faeries Book

Faeries is thoroughly magical and breathtaking. I do love all of David’s compositions as his music is indeed healing, giving me that sought after serenity that no other composer has given me. And though I have to say that I am not very good at piano (however I am improving thanks to David’s instructions books) I do enjoy the time I spend at the piano learning and attempting to play David’s music.

Gorgeous Carol

I find the base line a tad repetitious, so I need to really understand it in terms of dynamics, to make it as interesting as possible. Like everything musically speaking, maybe easy to play.... nothing should be easy if you are bring something to it.

Carols Of Christmas Book

Secrets to better piano player

Many thanks to david hicken for publishing his books on the secret to being a good pianist. I found that the best idea ever because it helps me a lot on the piano I am now learning to have good reflexes as a musician and pianist

Reinvention Book
david harvey
Good as usual

I have always enjoyed attempting to play this music book after book

A Christmas Suite
Shu-Ling Heddle


Angels Book
Spiritual and bewitching

This is so spiritual and bewitching that I believe David indeed had Angels inspiring him throughout when composing Angels

Ntina Papa
Paradisum (Paradise)

Such a nostalgic piece of art...It reminds me of my loved ones who have crossed the bridge of paradise. Everytime I listen to it, it soothes my heart. It's my honour to practice on it now. Thank you Mr Hicken for composing an absolute masterpiece.

Sounds of Christmas

Excellent collection of beautifully crafted Christmas arrangements. Nice variety in the choice of pieces which range from very challenging to play to more straightforward.

In The Bleak Midwinter
Christine Fawcett
The Bleak Midwinter

Hi David!
This music is perfect! I am enjoying learning it these last few days! It's a beautiful song!

The Bell Carol 2.0
Randall Olson
The carol bell #2 arrangement.

I am so enjoy your music. It is smoothing to the soul and so much fun to play. Thank you

Great book

Great book and the exercises last for a long time

great arrangement

wonderful arrangement! highly recommend this an all of David's other wonderful Christmas pieces!

Reinvention Book
Jean Costea

Exceptional work of art!

Must Have!

If you want to impress your friends, you can't go wrong with Arjuna's Dilemma or Breaking Protocol. A book for all levels of pianists!
You can start with Waltz For Kanchana and work your way up to Incantation 4.0

Love it

I would love to have a midi version for my disklavier

Excellent Arrangement

This is a beautiful arrangement of a lovely piece of music. Really enjoy playing it, and will be using it at a memorial service at church

The Bell Carol for Organ
Gleb Kupriyanov

The Bell Carol for Organ

The Bell Carol
Bruno Roccuzzo

Perfect qualità and very easy and userfriendly site

The Bell Carol
Irina Melnik

The Bell Carol

Beautiful piece

Relaxing, beautiful piece both when played and listened to.

Away In A Manger
Helen Sjostedt
Away in A Manger

I am thoroughly enjoying learning to play this beautiful arrangement of Away in A Manger and I hope to have it somewhat ready to play for my family at Christmas!