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Excellent Arrangement!

Bach Toccata and Fugue


Seems very faithful to the original orchestra piece, yet is somewhat simple to play. It is lovely and elegant:)

Lovely piece!

I purchased this piece for one of my piano students, and she is enjoying the piece so far. This lovely medley of Christmas carols seems simple to learn, and her performance of this piece will be loved by those at our church!

Silent Night
A marvelous arrangement

David’s arrangement of Silent Night is simply splendid!

Best Laid Plans
Sylvia Coates
Love it!

Best laid plans - a work of ART. BOUGHT MUSIC AND am learning it slowly. Brilliant David. Been following him for years and have many music books of his.

Sandra Waldron
Very Pretty

I had been meaning to buy this for a while. I love it. As always, perfection. I am never disappointed with any of David's music.


Beautiful, peaceful place to play. Not technically difficult, has a lot of emotion if you let it :)

Now We Are Free (Gladiator)

Meda Groce

I thought "Invocation" was "Outstanding" I love all of your music, you are an incredible pianist!

Incantation 2.0
Avi Alexx Gor
Nuclear fusion of hard rock and Johann Sebastian Bach

Good afternoon, my name is Alex Avi Gor, I teach piano in the project using a special method. I recently discovered the musician David Hicken, who has become one of my favorite pianists of our time. David is truly a world class maestro. I introduced all the students of our school to his work. As for the Incantation composition, I personally liked the first and third versions the most. What impresses me the most is that David has his own unique style and handwriting and is recognizable almost immediately.I also took a lot of useful things from his technique. The only pity is that David has few subscribers compared to other musicians with a much lower level (these are the sad realities of our world). I wish him at least a million and a golden YouTube button. Unfortunately, in the modern world, a lot of super Talents remain underestimated - this is probably due to the fact that a minority understands serious music.I would consider it an honor to shake hands with David, Our life is full of miracles and if you believe in miracles, then they come true, and I believe that the time will come and I will be able to personally express my admiration and gratitude to David!!! With all my heart I wish David prosperity, new creative heights, so that he pleases his listeners. Best regards, Alex Avi Gor )

Superb rendition of a great piece of music

Not too hard to learn, but to play it accurately and make it sound great, much more effort is needed.
I like this piano-version much better than the original from the film.

Anna Watkins

Very enjoyable and fun piece to play! Not too hard but something to sit down and enjoy playing in my spare time. Love it!

Igor Schulz

Danke für gute Musik,
Ich und meine Schüler schielen gerne bestimmte stücke, und davon ist Incantation
Viel Erfolg
Überrascht uns weiter mit deine Musik
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Igor Schulz

Thanks for good music
My students and I like to squint at certain pieces, and that's Incantation
I wish you success
Keep surprising us with your music
Kind regards
Igor Schulz

Sounds of Christmas Book
Rosanna Armstrong
Sounds of Christmas Book

This is just a glorious compilation of Christmas pieces, very inventive and so much fun to play.

The Sweetest Moments

I love this wonderful piece so soft, gentle and sweet. Thank you again.

The Bell Carol
Natalija Jarov
Carol of the bells

I am very happy that I can now practice such fantastic music 🎶 ... many thanks to David Hicken

Feel the difference

Wow! Only WAV!

A breathtaking composition that fills your soul

Just started to learn For Those We Have Lost. The mere fact of just practicing it gives me that sought-after tranquility. Awe-inspiring, like all of David's work.

Return To Sender
Maude Picard
return to sender

J'aime beaucoup apprendre vos pièces. Le petit jeu de doigt ainsi que la vitesse dans ce morceau est un défi. Comme plusieurs de vos pièces d'ailleurs. J'apprécie le mélange un peu baroque et épic!!!!!!

Yes! With work, a moderately skilled pianist might hope to play a David Hicken piece!

Loved filling my house with Mr. Hicken playing Legend of Taktam on Youtube, and then saw that I could order the sheet music. I began to practice it. At first, it was a little like patting my head and rubbing my tummy. Then, how beautifully clever the key changes progressed, with the melody weaving throughout like a ribbon. Thank you for making this wonderful music available for regular folk like me to play.

Exciting piece!

Now We Are Free (Gladiator)
Karolina Borkowska
Awesome piece

This is the best version, very good for piano players, sounds great

David is indeed a legend!

Legend of Taktam is another magnificent composition that is pure delight to listen. So happy and dreamy. I give it only five stars because there are no more starts in the rating! Needless to say that the 12 stars goes for all of David’s work!

In The Bleak Midwinter
Rosanna Armstrong
In The Bleak Midwinter

I have a huge collection of uniquely arranged Christmas Carols. I love this arrangement of In The Bleak Midwinter, it is one of my top favs!

The Return
Barry Mattison
Another Challenging Hit!

I just can't get enough of David's music and this is no exception. The changes of melody coupled with key changes can be challenging in places. But when it all comes together and you're playing it live a completely different feeling sweeps over you and for a few minutes, while your hands are in auto mode, your mind is somewhere else. Hands down, David is the most incredible composer and performer for all ages. Thanks David!