Absolution (for Piano)

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Customer Reviews

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Jason Gornto
Great as always

Absolution was fantastic and a crowd pleaser!

Christian Schoenenberger
A piano is not an organ

Absolution (for Piano) is another great piece from David Hicken.

However, the piano version cannot compete with the fabulous organ version because a piano cannot provide such an orchestral sound.

Philippa Greenwood

Thank you David for composing another masterpiece. Your audio track adds a wonderful dimension to playing. Many thanks for your excellent work!

Emma Blair
A lovely piece!

This is my favourite one of David's organ works, and I was thrilled to get this piano version since I don't play the organ. It will be fun to play this along with the orchestral backing track!

A Colossal Work of Art

Absolution is grandiose however I will not say that it is David’s finest work yet because I think that all his compositions are astounding and he always keeps surpassing himself, composing masterpiece after masterpiece. However I am pragmatic and I know that this composition is too advanced for me, at least at this moment it is, though I am working hard to get better. So, why did I buy it? Because it is my way to thank David, the greatest composer pianist and organist ever, so that he can continue to compose his magnificent music and continue to play barefooted for his adoring fans when playing the piano. David you are a genius and the happiness, well-being and inspiration your music gives is tremendous!