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Organ Works MP3

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This downloadable MP3 album includes the
following ten tracks:

(Click on a title to see each piece individually)


View the accompanying piano book here!

This product contains ten MP3 files encoded at 192kbps. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Harmonious Artistry and Unparalleled Creativity

As both a pianist and a medical professional who harnesses the power of music within the operating room to enhance concentration during complex surgeries, I find that classical pieces significantly boost my cognitive functions. The act of purchasing music sheets from David Hicken has profoundly enriched my musical journey, resonating deeply with my dual passions. Each of Hicken's compositions intricately weaves complexity with emotional depth, demonstrating his extraordinary talent and distinctive voice in composition. These pieces are distinguished by their innovative melodies and harmonies, skillfully blending classical traditions with contemporary flair, making them accessible to pianists of varying abilities. The process of acquiring these sheets was smooth and personalized, marked by thoughtful touches and easy digital access, enhancing the overall experience. Incorporating Hicken's compositions into my practice and performance has not only challenged me but also broadened my musical horizons, enabling me to offer my audience an exceptional and unique musical experience. I enthusiastically recommend David Hicken's music sheets to fellow pianists seeking to delve into new auditory landscapes and expressions, further solidifying my admiration for the invaluable contributions that independent artists like Hicken make to the musical world.

Thomas Schwarz
Fantastic music!

I love this music and I am very happy coming across it!

Murray Briceland
Organ Works Welcomed

I have loved David’s piano compositions for years but have always hoped for more organ peaces. Organ Works fills this desire beautifully. Thank you David for remembering a fellow organist. When I grow up (I’m only 72 now) I want to play as magnificently as you do. Thank you for showing us how it’s done!