The Ultimate Piano Workout

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An all-inclusive manual containing every exercise that a pianist will ever need to develop a brilliant technique.

It details the exact routine that I have used for years, and to which I attribute all aspects of my technique. 

It contains clear, concise, detailed information about what the exercises are and why you need them, as well as specific instructions as to how to practice, what to practice, and for how long.

Fingering is included for every single note, and a unique system of notation allows you to see exactly which black notes are involved and which are not, which eliminates all guesswork.

Broken down into a three-day cycle which allows pianists to focus on specific elements each day while utilizing their time wisely.

This is the exact method that I myself use on a daily basis, the results of which can be seen in all of my videos. 


Note : This product is also available in French and German



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anja Umlauf
The Ultimate Piano Workout

This tutorial has the correct title. It is the Ultimate Piano Wortkout! You will benefit a lot from it!

Thomas Cuthbert
It's a workout!

I never had formal scale training when I was learning piano and this book has them all. There is a recommend specific progression and I have no reason to doubt its effectiveness. It will take me years to make it all the way through it - but I can see/feel improvements since I've been at it for the past 6 months or so. I doubt I will ever be as fleet of the finger as Daivd, but even at 50+, I'm seeing improvements!

Robert Marton

The Ultimate Piano Workout

Bill from Olympia, Washington
Great resource right at your fingers!

If you work these pages faithfully 10-15 minutes/day, your technique will spread across your keyboard.

Excellent even for a beginner like me!

I had piano lessons as a child (8 to 11) but quit in desperation as I was bad at it, and I mean it. Back in February (2022), after a 51 year gap I decided to go back to learning as my dream is to be able to play Isis from David’s album Goddess, and eventually his softer pieces. I just love doing my scales, which I find therapeutic, and if a day goes by and I do not practice it feels as if something is missing. I learnt more in these 3 months than I did as a child and though I know I still have a long, long , long way to go I can say that the Ultimate Piano Workout is an excellent manual even for a beginner like me!