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Return To Sender
Maude Picard
return to sender

J'aime beaucoup apprendre vos pièces. Le petit jeu de doigt ainsi que la vitesse dans ce morceau est un défi. Comme plusieurs de vos pièces d'ailleurs. J'apprécie le mélange un peu baroque et épic!!!!!!

Yes! With work, a moderately skilled pianist might hope to play a David Hicken piece!

Loved filling my house with Mr. Hicken playing Legend of Taktam on Youtube, and then saw that I could order the sheet music. I began to practice it. At first, it was a little like patting my head and rubbing my tummy. Then, how beautifully clever the key changes progressed, with the melody weaving throughout like a ribbon. Thank you for making this wonderful music available for regular folk like me to play.

Exciting piece!

Now We Are Free (Gladiator)
Karolina Borkowska
Awesome piece

This is the best version, very good for piano players, sounds great

David is indeed a legend!

Legend of Taktam is another magnificent composition that is pure delight to listen. So happy and dreamy. I give it only five stars because there are no more starts in the rating! Needless to say that the 12 stars goes for all of David’s work!

In The Bleak Midwinter
Rosanna Armstrong
In The Bleak Midwinter

I have a huge collection of uniquely arranged Christmas Carols. I love this arrangement of In The Bleak Midwinter, it is one of my top favs!

The Return
Barry Mattison
Another Challenging Hit!

I just can't get enough of David's music and this is no exception. The changes of melody coupled with key changes can be challenging in places. But when it all comes together and you're playing it live a completely different feeling sweeps over you and for a few minutes, while your hands are in auto mode, your mind is somewhere else. Hands down, David is the most incredible composer and performer for all ages. Thanks David!

Agincourt (Piano Version)
Christian Schoenenberger
An epic masterpiece

The piece "Agincourt" gives an excellent impression of the 1415 battle of the same name between England and France.

With a galloping rhythm, the music drives one into the midst of the battle tumult, where the fanfares of the bugles and the clanking of weapons can be heard. The catchy main melody sweeps the listener along with its heroic character.

Together with the pieces "Fantasia in C Minor" and "Captain Sharpe's Mission", David Hicken impressively demonstrates how the percussive potential of a piano can be exploited for epic-sounding works.

A real listening pleasure!

Talavera For Organ WAV Audio

Downloaded the WAV audio file, I listen to it on a pair of AKG 701 headphones with a headphone amp. Depth of sound SUPERB. This piece of music is sublime.

Time Stops
Anja Umlauf
Time Stops

A very pleasant,calm and romantic piece, which is - in my opinion - a bit easier to learn as many others of Davids pieces.


Undoubtedly David is the greatest composer, organist and pianist of all times. With TALAVERA once again David plunges us into a historic period that amazes. I am so looking forward to David’s organ album but until then, this single is a must to have in my collection.

Kaiaka Bay
Pascal Gueraud
Retour positif

J’ai voulu obtenir des renseignements auprès de David et il m’a apporté une réponse immédiate.
Le site est très clair et intuitif et du coup très attractif.
Propositions de paiement divers et sécurisé.
J’ai reçu ma commande ( partition ) aussitôt avec des échanges par mail, très propre, très efficace, à l’image de David
Merci à lui et merci de nous faire partager son talent


Melodious feeling.

Adagio In G Minor
Hiroko Nelson
Adagio in G Minor : Joy to play

This is a beautiful arrangement, and it's not super hard to play. I love it!

Now We Are Free (Gladiator)


I performed it today for our congregation and this beautiful piece made quite an impression. I tend to love all music but each piece has its own individual expression. What I can say about this piece is, I appreciated the nuanced phrasing inherent in it and the play of light & the symmetry of the phrases together with the hope of its continued modulation upwards. It tended to go better in performance than in practice. No one would have enjoyed my learning of it. I practiced it slow & it was kind of tedious & I felt not secure wondering how I would ever pull all the branches together to form a tree. But I felt totally different communicating the music in it than I did just attempting to learn it. With the right tempo this piece has a magic and really does speak to people….so I guess we can say it’s a really effective piece & I recommend it highly! a big THANK YOU to the composer!

Wedding worthy!

I shared this with a bride hoping she would choose for her processional…she did!

Reinvention Book
oren shalem
my recommendation

As an intermediate pianist its fun to play and very melody, some of the works are Technical difficulty


Nice melody... Emotional...

Beautiful music

I have bought several of David Hicken’s books, they are beautiful compositions and very clearly written. They are for advanced pianists for sure, bit very satsfying to learn. My favorite composer, hands down!

Diversion in D

Nice piece!

Reinvention Book
Fernando López

These pieces are challenging but beautiful, it is really worth to practice and play them because they sound amazing.

Carols Of Christmas Book
Fernando López
Amazing Arrengements

These arrengements are incredibly good and touching. Silent Night is amazing.

Sounds of Christmas Book
Fernando López
Great album!

I really love this album, all pieces are beautiful and peaceful, i enjoy playing these songs

Eva Sebok