The Art Of Piano Book

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This downloadable PDF book includes the

following twelve pieces:

(Click on a title to see each piece individually)


    View the accompanying audio album here!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Willene Botha
    The Art of Piano Book by David Hicken

    A variety of beautiful pieces to play and later teach to future pianists in SA and the UK.I also share the pieces with friends and colleagues as it is futuristic and post modern.

    Aspiration to pratice much more

    This album/book is a perfect example of a neo-classic genre. Actually it made me excercise much more, because I wasn't able to play nothing of that at once. It took me weeks before I could play some, and that's great! It means that it's not just an entertainment or something "just for fun", it's a goal you want to achieve very much. The pieces sound so great that you don't notice hours pf practice passing. My favourites are Resurgam, The Letter, Incantaion. Though each of them is awesome.

    Great exercises and fun performances

    I like having these technical exercises to go through and being able to come out of there with good pieces I can play for various audiences. I am always impressed at the speed these pieces are written and delivered.

    Keep up the good work David!

    Longxin Wang
    The Art of Piano, a great way of improving piano techniques while enjoying dynamic music

    I have a heard Incantation on youtube, and I was shocked that the left hand pattern is really percussion-like and easy, which helps me a lot in arranging many works.

    And after purchasing the Art of Piano score book and finishing playing Incantation, I realise this book is a great workout for pianist's fingers while all the songs are perfect to listen to.

    Thanks a lot, David!. This score is so inspiring, can't wait for more of your great piano works!

    James Balazs
    Piano Love Affair

    I absolutely love all of this music. The piano is a percussion instrument. David reminds us of that with his wonderful style. Learning to play these pieces stretches my personal abilities to their limits. I just cannot get enough of David Hicken whether listening to him perform the pieces learning them as best I can. Worth every penny and more. Thank you David. You have rekindled my love of the piano.