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From the book Faeries

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‘Faeries’ was a direct continuation of ‘Goddess’ and ‘Faeries’ and was written around the same time.  These pieces are a little more complex than the previous two albums, as well as a little more classical.  The crossing of hands in ‘Roslyn’ can be a little challenging for some, and the wide left hand arpeggios of ‘Faylinn’ can be a bit tricky.  ‘Faylinn’ is one of the favourites on the album, as well as the faster pieces ‘Oberon’ and ‘Lorelle’.

The music still has the same relaxed and meditative vibe as the previous two albums, but the style definitely moved in a slightly different direction.

As soon as this album was completed, I began working on another album, the first piece of which was called ‘Pelleas and Melisande’, however, as it is often apt to do, life got in the way, and composition was put on hold for a while.  The piece was later resurrected and renamed ‘The Messenger’ to be included on the next album.