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From the book Transitions

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‘Transitions’ was written immediately after ‘Momentum’.  The piece ‘Angkor’ was written about my trip to the fabulous Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.  Being an organist, I wanted to create piano version of one of my favourite pieces - Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Bach.  ‘Oenomaus’ was inspired by the king from Greek mythology.  ‘Wrottesley Hall’ is a piano version of a piece that I wrote many years earlier, and was included on my album ‘The Shadow of Youth’.  My Mom particularly liked that piece, and asked me to write it for piano.  

‘Akashvani’ is a particular favourite, especially with my fans in Russia.  ‘Nampara’ was named after the fictional home in Cornwall, England mentioned in the Poldark novels.  ‘Cerca Trova’ means ‘seek and ye shall find’ and because the piece is contrapuntal in nature, the idea is that the performer should seek out where the subject is and how it is being developed throughout the piece.

I really like all of the pieces on this album, and because my music was once again moving in a slightly different direction, I decided to called it ‘Transitions’.