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Fantasia in C Minor

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From the album "Reinvention"

Customer Reviews

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Herve Dahinden
Passion and majesty combined!

I very recently discovered David Hicken and must say how powerful & inspiring his music is.
There is so much to enjoy & learn from David's compositions:
› The chord progressions he's using to structure & support his music,
› The numerous ways he chooses to express and develop a single melodic idea to a full arrangement,
› His way of thinking as a conductor to add dynamics and expression to this orchestral piano piece,
› His harmonic developments are rich and elegant.
The whole piece conveys a sense of passion and majesty all together.
I highly recommend this piece and his music in general for what it generously offers for the ears and the soul.
It is definitely not an easy piece for me, but it gives me the necessary inspiration and determination to tackle it with confidence.
Thank you David for your valuable work!

Sue Quist
Love this piece

Fun piece - and with the video it was fun to learn

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Isabelle Padieu
Enjoying Fantasia in C minor

Every time I discover a new piece of David I just want to play it. The sound of this joyful music makes me feel so happy. Then when comes the moment when I start learning and practicing it, I feel very excited and proud. It’s always so well written for pianist’s hands, you know that it will make you do great progress while working on it. Both hands have very interesting parts to play, the themes are beautiful and the rhythms always fun and stirring. This Fantasia is great and has all these qualities.
I do enjoy playing it a lot.
It is very satisfying !