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From the book Angels

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The pieces from the album ‘Angels’ began life as a series of preludes in twelve different keys. Each prelude was named after its key, and was dedicated to a person who helped with my career in some way.  I sat on them for a year or so, and used them as teaching exercises, but then re-invented them as ‘Angels’ to follow-on from the ‘Goddess’ album.

The pieces were originally written during a very busy time of teaching, conducting, playing the organ for church services, weddings and funerals, but they brought me great comfort when working on them.

Three of the pieces were based on works written a decade or more earlier.  The piece ‘Akasha’ was from my CD ‘The Shadow of Youth’ and was originally called ‘Desires of the Heart’.  ‘Uriel’ and ‘Celeste’ were originally written for piano and strings, but neither of them were finished because I was so busy with other projects in California at the time.

The album was finished almost immediately after ‘Goddess’ in my studio in Haleiwa, Hawaii.  It was a very productive and peaceful period for me, and I don’t think I have ever been so prolific with compositions.

To this day, the pieces from this album remains some of my favourites, and whenever I perform live, I always include a few of them in the program.