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Chiang Mai Rhapsody Contest

Dear fans,

We're happy to announce a new piano contest :

The Chiang Mai Rhapsody Contest


The Chiang Mai Rhapsody Contest is open to everyone, and consists of making a video of you playing this beautiful piece along with the orchestra track.

Some conditions are mandatory to enter the contest:

  • You have to play along with the orchestra track. Please make sure the balance between your piano and the backing track is suitable
  • We need to see your hands on the keyboard. Please film your performance accordingly
  • You have to post your video on Youtube with the hashtag #ChiangMaiRhapsody and make it public

David created a Performance Pack containing different versions of the piece such as slower versions, piano only, etc. It also includes the backing track you'll have to play along with. You can download the pack here.


The contest will end on December 14, 2021, and the winner will be announced on December 15.


The winner will receive the following:

  • A free copy of Dorico Pro notation and composition software which has been kindly donated by the folks at Dorico ($560 value)
  • A $300 gift certificate for David's shop
  • A one-hour online mentoring session with David
  • Your video uploaded and featured on David's YouTube channel


    Now, here are some hints :

    • Your video can be one static shot, but you can also be more creative and make a video of you filmed in different angles
    • If possible, we suggest you make your video in a well-lit environment.
    • Make several test recordings and listen to the balance between your piano and the orchestra backing tracks to make sure that there is a suitable balance between the two.
    • If you're using an acoustic piano, make sure it's in tune (A=440)


    We can't wait to listen to your perfomance. Good luck and have fun!