Goddess Printed Music Book


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      The Goddess Music Book contains
      the following twelve pieces:

      • Lakshmi 
      • Kuan Yin 
      • Sekhmet 
      • Aphrodite 
      • Sarasvati 
      • Ishtar 
      • Isis 
      • Aine 
      • Ostar 
      • Sedna 
      • Diana 
      • Pele 

      Note : this product in the printed version of the book.
      If you are looking for the PDF version,
      please follow this link

      If you select the Personalized version, David will write a note specifically to you at the beginning of the book. If you would like him to write the dedication to someone other than yourself, please let us know by filling in the comment box on the checkout page. This is a great option if the book is a gift.

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