Piano Competition Winners


The 2023 David Hicken International Piano Competition was held at Yamaha Music Hall, Bangkok Thailand on 21 October



 Category C


  • First Place - Renaud-Adrian Le Dévéhat (Canada)

  • Second Place - Rainer Lippert (Germany)

  • Third Place - Yuvraj Kokkili (India)

  • Honorary Mention - Christophe Sinner (Luxembourg)


Category B


  • First Place - Felix Metz (Germany)

  • Second Place - Susan Archer (England)

  • Third Place - Anja Umlauf (Germany)


Category A


  • Second Place - Beth Fajcz (United States)

  • Third Place - Viviana Marcella Houry (Spain)

    Renaud-Adrian Le Dévéhat from Canada, won first place for his superb rendition of Repercussions.  He receives €1000 prize, a copy of Dorico Pro Music Notation Software (courtesy of Steinberg), a $300 gift certificate to davidhicken.com, and a one-hour online session with David.  Congratulations Renaud-Adrian!


    Rainer Lippert from Germany, won second place for his fine performance of Reinvention.  He wins €200.  Congratulations Rainer!


    Yuvraj Kokkili from India won third place for his exciting performance of Incantation.  He receives €100 prize money.  Congratulations Yuvraj!

    Christophe Sinner from Luxembourg received an honorary mention for his wonderful interpretation of The Valiant.  Well done Christophe!

    Category B

    Felix Merz from Germany, won first place for his beautiful rendition of Isolation.  He wins €500 prize money, a copy of Dorico Elements Music Notation Software (courtesy of Steinberg), and a $200 gift certificate to davidhicken.com.  Congratulations Felix!

    Susan Archer from England, won second place for her lovely performance of When We First Met.  She receives €200 prize money.  Congratulations Susan!

    Anja Umlauf from Germany won third place for her wonderful performance of Alicen's Nocturne.  She wins €100 prize money.  Well done Anja!

    Category A

    Beth Fajcz from the United States, won second place for her tender performance of Ellette.  She wins €200.  Well done Beth!