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Composing Music In The Mountains

November 06 2021

Composing Music In The Mountains
Composing Music In The Mountains

I had a wonderful time in the mountains composing a new piece of music called 'Illusions'.  I stayed near Wiang Haeng in northern Thailand at a place called Hadubi.  The land is owned by the Lisu tribe, of whom there are about 55,000 in Thailand.  They originated in Tibet, and over the course of two millenia, they moved across China and into India, Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand.  They have their own unique language, history and culture. Lisu people farm these mountains, and grow a variety of crops.  They are very friendly and warm people, and welcome visitors and foreigners to their land.

I love Shakespeare's quote - 'The earth has music for those who listen', and most certainly music reveals itself when staying at such a magnificent place as Hadubi.

If you find yourself in Thailand, you really should pay a visit.  Check out www.hadubicamping.com for more information.


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