Chopin's Piano + France Trip

Posted on July 07 2019

Chopin's Piano + France Trip

On my recent trip to France, I had the privilege of visiting the Château de Montrésor in the Loire Valley.  The medieval castle has a Renaissance mansion which is steeped in history, and I had the pleasure of being shown around by distant relatives of Count Xavier Branicki who completely restored the property.

Much to my surprise, I discovered a beautiful walnut Errard grand piano which was once owned by Chopin.  What a pleasure and honor it was to play on the same piano as one of the greatest pianists and composers the world has ever known.

It happened to be my Mom's birthday, so of course she was very happy to sit down and play some Chopin for a lovely lady who was a descendent of the Count.

Chopin's Piano at Château de Montrésor

We visited the palace of Versailles during a very unusual heatwave.  The gardens were simply incredible!

Palace of Versailles


Paris is one of the greatest cities in the world to walk around, but I must admit that my legs were really aching after such a long day.  I love this picture that my daughter Anna took of the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower

I love visiting old cathedrals and churches, and of course I have a particular interest in organs.  The dedication concert for this organ was given by Marie-Claire Alain.

Nice organ in old abbey

Whenever I am in Paris, I love to visit the cemetery of Père Lachaise, and it was wonderful to show Anna Chopin's grave for the first time.

Chopin's Grave

We also saw the grave of Georges Bizet, composer of one of the greatest operas of all time - Carmen.

Georges Bizet

We also visited the magnificent castle of Chambord, which is located in the Loire Valley.

Chateau de Chambord

France is a magnificent country with wonderful people, amazing food and incredible landmarks.  We had a fantastic trip, and look forward to going back again soon.


  • Amelia Sara : November 23, 2019

    David…Además de disfrutar las numerosas piezas musicales que brindas con tanta generosidad y ejecutas con impresionante maestría, debo decir que tu afán de maravillosos viajes por lugares mágicos que nos haces conocer, me ha emocionado. Ver que el genio que ha entrado en mi alma con tu música, es de piel y huesos.
    La estampa junto a tu hermosa madre y bellísima hija me ha invadido de ternura el corazón. Gracias David por tu entrega. Un abrazo con el alma

  • Maxime Dussubieux: July 17, 2019

    Bonjour Philippe!

    Merci pour votre joli message. Nous étions à Chambord le 3 Juillet, et les Hicken ont vraiment apprécié leur visite du château.

    Si vous avez l’occasion de retourner dans le coin, je vois conseille vraiment de faire un tour au château de Montrésor, qui est vraiment tout près. La visite vaut le détour, et le piano de Chopin est vraiment agréable à jouer.

  • Philippe: July 11, 2019

    Et la France vous aime en retour David !!! Vos musiques sont si parfaites ! Je n’arrête pas de les écouter ! J’étais l’autre jour également à Chambord et je sifflais vos compositions dans les grandes salles pour voir comment ça résonnait ! Vos auriez presque pu entendre ça par hasard ! Merci pour votre travail extraordinaire. Dans 200 ans vos pièces seront encore jouées par des pianistes. Ce magnifique Erard sera désormais le piano sur lequel le grand Chopin et le grand Hicken ont joués !!

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