David Hicken ~ Pianist & Composer


My music can be licensed for all kinds of projects.  Fees for licensing vary based on a number of criteria such as:

  • Amount of music used
  • Intended audience - public or private
  • Territory - domestic or international
  • Intended use - background or featured
  • Length of term
  • Amount of units sold

The following list gives the prices of basic licenses for most projects, however please email me with the specifics of your own project so that I can quote you an exact price.

Audio Projects $250
up to 45 seconds of background music

Composition and sound recording $300
one track, up to 1000 copies

Corporate, theater and competition $1000
one track, audiences of up to 500, one year

Film sync $1500
background or source music, U.S. theaters, up to one year

Games and software $750
up to 45 seconds, 1 hardware platform, up to 50,000 units

Internet website, flash $250
up to 30 seconds, one year

Music compilation CD, DVD, PC audio $300
one track, up to 1000 units

Products and toys $300
up to 1000 units

Public space (restaurants, trade shows, retail spaces) $250
one location, one year

Radio ad or promotion $750
up to 30 seconds, one year, USA

Sampling, remixes, covers and derivative works $175
up to 1000 units

Single units (wedding video, small quantity for profit) $200
one track, up to 200 copies

Slide show or PowerPoint $200
one time use, available to the public

Software - multimedia, all platforms, any use $400
up to 60 seconds, single use, USA, up to five years

Telephone or music on hold $150
one track, one year

TV advertising $500
up to 15 seconds, one year, USA

TV show sync license $1200
up to 45 seconds, background or source, one year, all TV rights, USA

Video - music for video, DVD or CDROM $250
up to 45 seconds, available to public on websites or for sale